Friday, May 21, 2010

Podcast Interview with the James Borbath

While it's still a tough pill to sallow, the Raptors reality has finally hit me. Obviously, the Raptors had a very disappointing season, and it took fans like myself a while to digest and regroup.

The Raptors first official off-season move happened on Tuesday, as us fans found out the team will draft #13 in June's draft. Although it's debated if the Raptors will draft a rookie or trade it veteran, it will nonetheless help shape the off-season.

I was foruntate enough to have a phone conversation with my buddy James Borbath earlier today. James is the writer of the Dino Nation Blog and is a big reason why I decided to create this blog. He's showed me that, although it takes vigorous work, anything is possible. James and I frequently interact with each other,weather it be through Twitter or Facebook. I appreciate the friendship the two of us have developed. You can follow James on Twitter, @dinonationblog. Hopefully, I can get more my "Raptor family" on the Salami & Cheese in the near future.

James was kind enough to record a podcast with me earlier today, as we discussed the past, present, and future in Raptor land.

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