Thursday, July 30, 2009

Raptors acquire Marco Belinelli

On Wednesday, Bryan Colangelo made yet another off-season splash. The Raptors acquired SG Marco Belinelli from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for SF Devean George and cash.

Bryan Colangelo has made it no secret he likes Belinelli's game. Colangelo tried to get Belinelli in the 2007 NBA Draft, but Golden State picked him too early, drafting him #18th overall.

Belinelli averaged 8.9 points, 2.1 assists, and 1.9 rebounds in 21 minutes last season.

Overall, this is a HUGE steal. If Devean George played in Toronto next year, his minutes would have been extremely limited. To trade him for a guy who may be potentially be the 6th man, the Raptors certainly got the better end of this deal.

If I'm a Warriors fan, I'm outraged by this deal. Devean George doesn't bring much to the table, and is a much worse player than Belinelli.

Bryan Colangelo's magic keeps working. Belinelli will be another excellent piece off the bench. Considering Belinelli is a 2 man, I'm guessing Carlos Delfino won't be back in Toronto, but I'm fine with that. Belinelli, in my opinion, is a duplicate of Delfino, but at a much cheaper price--Belinelli only makes $1.5M next year. I'm guessing the Raptors will now bring back Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Pops brought a ton of energy off the bench last year, and I always liked his game. Pops would complete the roster, seeing as the Raptors have 1 spot left to fill.

Someone just give Bryan Colangelo EOY right now. 

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