Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Raptors win first Summer League game

The Raptors won their first summer league game last night, outlasting the Trail Blazers, 92-87. The Raptors are now 1-2. DeMar DeRozan had another solid night, scoring 15 points, as well as 5 rebounds and 3 assists. The previous game, DeRozan scored 20 points, so it appears he may be getting into the groove of the NBA.

Quincy Douby continues to impress with his scoring ability, as he had 20 points last night. In these first 3 summer league games, Douby has averaged 19 points per game...not bad for a guy who was lucky to get off the bench last season.

I don't own Raptors TV and I'm on vacation right now, so I'm unable to watch these games. But from what I'm seeing from the box score some players have been impressive. Summer league doesn't mean very much, but it gives me a first impression going into pre-season.

The Raptors next game is tomorrow night against the Phoenix Suns.

On a side note--according to many sources, the LA Clippers are in "very serious" talks with Allen Iverson. Of course, the free agency period started July 1st, so Allen Iverson has been without a team for 13 days. This deal would make the Clippers better, but by no means does it put them in the playoffs. With Blake Griffin, the team could possibly have a brighter future, but not anytime soon. The Clippers are still in much disarray, and many more moves have to be made to put the team over the edge.

But if this deal goes down, many Miami Heat fans should be infuriated. Dwayne Wade will be a free agent in 2010, and the team has done nothing so far to make him want to stay. Wade has publicly said "getting to the playoffs" won't be enough, and a contending team must be in the works. The Heat didn't even make it past the first round last season, so what's the front office waiting for? Are they going to bring pieces in to help D-Wade? Wade told Pat Riley he's willing to wait, but there's only so much a superstar can take. How long can really wait?

It will be interesting to see what the Heat's plan is for the rest of the off-season.

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