Monday, July 20, 2009

Recapping a busy weekend...

What's up everybody? I was in North Carolina the past week, so I wasn't able to blog as much as I usually do. But now, I'm home!

This past weekend was a busy one for the NBA, and I haven't blogged since let's get right down to it.

After many doctor options and opinions, Yao Ming has finally decided to undergo surgery on the hairline fracture in his left foot. Yao's expected to miss the entire 2009-2010 NBA season, and the Rockets don't expect him back until the 2010 training camp. Obviously, this is huge blow to the Rockets, and I really don't see how they can make the playoffs next season. Tracy McGrady will also miss a good portion of next season, and with him, along with Yao on sidelines for the foreseeable future, I don't see how it's possible. In a very competitive Western Conference, how can the Rockets make the playoffs, with Trevor Ariza being "the guy"? Now that this news has finally broke, I wonder if Ariza is second guessing himself for signing with Houston.

In my opinion, however, Yao Ming is extremely overrated. I know I'm stating the obvious, but he's just a tall guy. That's all he is. He's not very athletic, he's extremely soft, and gets blocked by guys 2 feet shorter than him (literally). For a guy his height, averaging 9.9 RPG last season is unacceptable. Dwight Howard is 7 inches shorter than Yao, and he brought down nearly 14 RPG! I think for a guy whose 7'6, Yao's numbers should be much more dominant than they are. I'm not trying to judge Yao based on his stats, but these numbers certainly show how soft he is.

Another developing story is the situation with Lamar Odom. Lakers' owner Jerry Buss withdrew his offer to Lamar Odom, because Odom's agent neogiated with other teams. The Lakers reportedly offered Odom a $30 million deal, over the next 3 seasons. Odom is seeking a 5 year deal worth $50 million. According to sources, Odom could re-join the Heat, but according to Yahoo!, Odom wishes to re-negotiate with LA.

But frankly, is Lamar Odom REALLY worth $10 million per year? Absolutely not. Odom will be 30 years old in November, and to ask for that amount of money is ridiculous. Hedo Turkolgu got a $10 million deal, and people were up in arms as to how lucrative the deal was--is Odom really worth as much as an overpriced Turkoglu? It will be interesting to see much Odom does indeed make in his new deal.

On Saturday, the Utah Jazz matched the Trail Blazers' offer to Paul Millsap. Because Millsap was a restricted free agent, the Jazz have now retained the 4 year veteran at a 4 year/$32 million deal. In my opinion, this was an excellent decision made by Utah's front office. Millsap was very impressive when filling in for the injured Carlos Boozer, and he deserved to come back. I'm guessing this means the Jazz will part ways with Carlos Boozer, which is another smart move. Boozer still has a lot of talent left in the tank, and will be an excellent pick-up to another team. Boozer does however cost more than Millsap, and is much more prone to injury. Considering Millsap is younger, less risky to injury, and cheaper, this move makes sense for the Jazz.

According to sources, the Cavaliers have signed F Jamario Moon to an offer sheet. Moon, of course, was a Raptor season, until being traded to Miami in the Jermaine O'Neal deal. The Cavs' offer is worth a little over $2 million per season, and at least 2 years are guaranteed. Considering the Heat want to clear up cap space, this signing may happen. But if I'm a Cavs fan, I'm scratching my head over this deal. It doesn't make fit very well in terms of the system. Moon, while he's very athletic, doesn't drive as much he used too. I don't understand why the Cavs would sign Jamario Moon, considering Matt Barnes is still a free agent. I'm guessing the Cavs like Moon's athleticism and length at the wing position, but the deal doesn't make much sense to me. 

Marquis Daniels will reportedly sign a bi-annual exception deal with the Boston Celtics, but may become a sign-and-trade. This is a very good move for the Celtics, considering how talented and cheap Daniels is. The team seems to be shaping up nicely, but I still don't think the C's will win the East next year. I'm still liking Orlando. Sorry Celtic fans!

Good news for Raptor fans--Jarrett Jack is officially a Toronto Raptor. The Pacers didn't match the offer, and rather agreed to terms with Earl Watson. The Raptors now have a proven back-up point guard, thus adding more depth to the bench. The Raptors still have extra money to spend, so hopefully Bryan Colangelo will use it wisely.

That's pretty much it for now. Thanks for reading.

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