Monday, July 27, 2009


The dog days of summer continue. The NBA off-season has officially reached a lull, causing writers like myself to ponder hardly on what to write.

With the Rasho signing, the Raptors now have $5M left to spend. I'm guessing the Raptors will bring back Carlos Delfino, and add him to an increasinly better bench. Delfino is seeking what appears to be overpaid money, but I still believe Bryan Colangelo should make a heavy push to bring him back. He was an excellent piece off the bench 2 seasons ago, and I'd love for his shooting presence to return to Toronto. It's not like a bench can be too good, right?

Drew Gooden has signed a deal with the Dallas Mavericks. It appears as though Gooden will sign a 1 year deal, worth up to $5M. I have always loved Gooden's game, and considering I'm a Kansas fan, it adds an extra bonus. I don't understand why Gooden has been bounced around the NBA so much in his early career--the guy's got talent. He brings an energy and toughness to any team he plays for. With this signing, along with the Marion sign and trade, I truly believe the Dallas Mavericks will be competing for the top spot in next years Western Conference. Mark Cuban has put together a fantastic summer, and the Mavericks may very well be back to their old form.

Many believe the Lakers will win the West once again next year--that may be true, but ONLY if Lamar Odom returns. It appears Odom will be back in LA, but nothing's set in stone. Odom was a vital piece to the Lakers, and I can only see the Lakers winning next year's West if he's back.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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