Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sports Illustrated releases pre-season Power Rankings

As a kid, what did you want to be when you were older? A firefighter? An astronaut? An athlete? I wanted to be a writer. Yet, I've feared this will only be a dream, because of my lack of insight and knowledge to write on a daily basis.

But then I saw an article, wrote by SI's Chris Mannix which changed everything-- NOW it appears, regardless of intelligence, I can be whatever I choose to be. I mean, if Chris Mannix, can write, why can't I? I consider myself to be decent, am I not?

Today, Chris Mannix released his pre-season Power Rankings. By no surprise, the "givens" are at the top--San Antonio, Cleveland, and Los Angeles are 1, 2, 3 respectively. But here's why I'm outraged--the Toronto Raptors are #18 [rubs eyes]. That's right folks, #18. Is this guy serious?

Now, maybe I'm being biased, but c'mon. I'm guessing somewhere around #12-14 is a much more logical number. Does Chris Mannix realize what the Raptors have done this summer? DeMar DeRozan was an excellent draft choice. Hedo Turkoglu is extremely clutch, and brings post April experience to a team who hasn't seen much of the playoffs in recent years. Jarrett Jack fixes the problem of a back-up point guard. Marco Belinelli, Antoine Wright, Reggie Evans, Rasho Nesterovic, and Amir Johnson Sonny Weems add much needed depth to a thin bench. Not to mention Jose Calderon is healthy again. I've already predicted he'll be a top PG in the East next season. Andrea Bargnani improved greatly from the previous season and I think he's going to start living up to his #1 draft pick. And, oh yeah--Chris Bosh is still a Raptor. With all this, however, Mannix believes the Raptors will be 18th best team next season. Seizes to amaze me.

I'm not sure what's more infuriating--the fact the Raptors are #18, or the fact that the Washington Wizards are ranked #8. The Wizards didn't even crack 20 wins last season. There is no way in HELL Butler, Jamison, and Arenas will play more than 35 games together.

Power Rankings usually don't mean much to me--but it's the fact that the Raptors never get any credit whatsoever. So many people are quick to talk about how well the Celtics, Magic, and Cavs have done this off-season. But, in my opinion, the Toronto Raptors have had a better summer than all three of those teams.

Maybe it's because the Raptors play in Canada--but I'm sick of getting the short end of the stick just because I'm a Raptors fan.

Check out the rest of the Power Rankings here:

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