Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still 1 spot left..

These past few days have been busy for Bryan Colangelo. On Tuesday, he finalized a trade that sent Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic to Milwaukee, while the Raptors got Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems in return. And according to a report on Wednesday, the Raptors are ready to send Marcus Banks to Dallas for Matt Carroll.

In these trades, if a player was lost, another was gained-- so neither team didn't lose any players, number wisel. Despite all these off-season trades, the Raptors still have 14 players on the roster and one more can still be added. Many Raptor fans are getting anxious about this, but I am one of the minority who believes that at this point, it doesn't really matter.

The Raptors have an extremely deep bench. Player 6 very well may be equally talented as player 9. Every player on the bench will have the opportunity to make a solid contribution when hitting the floor. But at the same time, I realize there's only 48 minutes in a basketball game, and not everyone will get equal distribution time--that's not my opinion, that's just basic math.

At the end of the day, fans need to realize the Raptors bench is pretty much set in stone. Honestly, will player #15 put the Raptors over the top? Chances are no. And with a slipping economy, it doesn't make sense to invest a ton of money into a guy who will only get flashes of court time.

Frankly, I don't care who player #15 will be. Because again, he won't make an impact. The only thing I do care about is how much he's getting paid. So all you angry Raptor fans, I'd chill out if I were you--because if I were you, I'd focus on the upcoming and promising season ahead, rather than debating who the 15th man should be. That's the absolute last thing I'm concerned about.


  1. Hey buddy, the Raps have 15 players on their roster already.

    You really should do research before writing articles.
    Have a nice day. :)

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  3. My mistake. I didn't realize Delfino wasn't technically a Raptor. My bad, I feel completely dumb right now.

    But if you're going to put Weems on the roster, shouldn't you take Banks off it, and put Carroll on?

    Have a nice day. :)

  4. Weems is part of the Johnson, Ukic, Delfino trade, which is finalized already.

    Banks for Carroll is not finalized yet. So no, you shouldn't take Banks off and put Carroll on.