Monday, August 3, 2009

Winners and Losers of Free Agency

The NBA off-season is obviously well under way. Considering many superstars will be available in 2010, it's made this off-season somewhat intriguing. Teams have improved--or done nothing--to improve the betterment of the respective team...let's check out my winners and losers.


San Antonio Spurs: It appears the Spurs are back. Earlier this off-season, the team traded for Richard Jefferson, who will add more athleticism, and fix a need of a proven small-forward. Despite having only 2nd round picks in the draft, the Spurs still scored big. With the 37th pick, San Antonio selected big man DeJuan Blair, and also welcomed Jack McClinton and Nando de Colo. Recently, Antonio McDyess signed a deal as well. Congratulations San Antonio, your back in the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas Mavericks: Ever since the Mavs had that HUGE upset against Golden State in the 2006 playoffs, the team hasn't been the same. With the off-season Dallas has had, it appears the team is out of disarray, and back into the thick of things in the West. I really liked the sign-and-trade for Shawn Marion--not only because of his talent, but the fact that Dallas didn't lose anyone. Drew Gooden was also added, and he'll add more depth to the bench. I've always liked Gooden's game, even back in his days with Kansas.

Boston Celtics: I hate the Celtics. You hate the Celtics. We all hate the Celtics. But you gotta give Danny Ainge some respect--he's had a pretty good summer. I wasn't sold on the Rasheed Wallace deal, but the Marquis Daniels signing put me over the edge. Not only does Daniels bring talent to the team, but he signed for...$1.9M? Wow, that's cheap. But sorry Celtics fans, I still have you guys finishing 3rd in the East--just check out Tuesday's blog.

Toronto Raptors: Ahh, you knew it was coming. C'mon, even if your NOT a Raptors fan, everyones gotta give Bryan Colangelo some props. The team literally went from having no money to having a surplus just because of a sign-and-trade. Hedo Turkoglu had a massive contract, but Colangelo's geniuses was able to work around it. Jarrett Jack was also added, as well as Rasho Nesterovic. I just get chills thinking about it!

Shaq to the Cavs? Ehh, whatever...doesn't excite me. I guess the Cavs had an alright off-season, but I'm not a big fan of Shaq--does a 37 year old really improve a team? I guess we'll see.


Miami Heat: Dear Pat Riley,
Just writing to let you know your superstar Dwayne Wade is a free agent in 2010. You probably know that, but I'm just confused because you're yet to sign anyone this off-season. Anyway, you should definitely get on that.
Kevin Hooker

New York Knicks: LeBron to the Knicks? It looks much less likely, considering the shrinking cap and the fact the Knicks haven't done anything this off-season. Congratulations New York, you suck again.

Portland Trail Blazers: For some reason, no one seems to be talking about this team. Kevin Pritchard, Blazers GM, has been desribed as "agigated", and even "desperate". Every plan Pritchard planned quickly blew up in his face. Hedo Turkoglu was SUPPOSED to go to Portland, but quickly bailed to sign with Toronto. Paul Millsap received an offer sheet from Portland, but that was matched by Utah. Pritchard is also having a hard time giving Brandon Roy a 5 year max deal extension. On top of all this, Nate McMillan doesn't want to sign an extension, and wants to be a free man come 2011. All in all, it's a messy situation in the state of Oregon.


  1. Miami is way over the cap this year and have EVERYONE expiring in time for next season (O'Neal $23 mil, Blount $8 mil, Haslem $7 mil, etc.). They have good young talent and people want to play there. There's no reason for them to do much of anything this off-season, and it's hard anyway because they only have the MLE to work with, essentially.

  2. still though, its the fact that d-wade is a free agent next season, and the front office is yet to do anything..maybe they will have tons of money after next season, but nevertheless..and the MLE is still a pretty good exception, and a talented player can still be used with it (ron artest, trevor ariza...).

    i see what your saying, but i just think for an average team with an above average player should try to bring in as much talent as possible.

  3. Artest was only going to sign with a current contender for that amount of money. The addition of Ariza would've caused headaches for Beasley's future (he's NOT a power forward). They tried to get Odom for a discount, and it didn't work. There was no sense in trying to trade for Boozer because they can simply sign him in FA next year. I think too much is made about trying to appease the star player, especially when the player isn't guaranteed to stay there. It's not like they got worse either.

  4. hat's true, they didn't get worse--but the rest of the conference got better. and the heat were only a 43 win team last year, and with the eastern conference getting MUCH improved, who knows how it'll work in miami next year.

    i guess your right--appeasing the star player is maybe overrated because he may not stay--but at least do something.

    and yes, im fully aware the heat have lots of cap room come next year, so maybe they'll make a move then. but as of right now, they've done nothing to make d-wade stay. its just my opinion, though.