Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The trades keep coming

As one trade is completed, another is in the works.

That's the attitude Bryan Colangelo has had over the past few days. Yesterday, the trade that would supposedly send Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic to Toronto for Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems completed (applause).

And NOW, the very next day, Toronto Star's Doug Smith is reporting Bryan Colangelo is working on a trade that would send PG Marcus Banks to Dallas for SG Matt Carroll. While Carroll's contract lasts longer than Banks, his shooting ability makes up for it. In his 7 year career, Carroll's shooting percentage from 3 point land is 40%. Not bad numbers for a Toronto Raptor team that is shooting orientated.

Carroll still has 4 years left on his contract--making $4.7M, $4.3M, $3.9M, and $3.5M respectively. Banks only has 2 years left on his deal, in which he'll make $4.53M next season, and $4.8M in 2010-2011. So financially, this could be considered questionable, but it's certainly an upgrade.

Banks never really worked out in Toronto. When he wasn't playing, he was hurt. When he wasn't hurt, he sat the bench. And in the rare occasion of when he did play, he was decent at best.

The irony of the trade? Banks will once again be joined with Shawn Marion.

Carroll has been all over the NBA in his 7 year career, playing for 4 teams. While he will fit into our system, finding minutes may be difficult-- the Raptors have DeRozan, Turkoglu, Jack, and Belinelli, so the wingman position is a little full.

I like this move--Banks wasn't going to play anyway, and at least the Raptors have a decent swingman to fit into the Raptors system. I don't think Carroll will play much, but I think he'll certainly get more time than Banks would have.

Man...the off-season moves keep coming.


  1. Carroll is good for at least a half a dozen games of coming in and making 4 or 5 threes and actually making a difference. Lots of cheaper options out there for a backup guard though.

  2. The only way Carroll plays is if someone else gets hurt or if we have nothing to play for. There's nothing good that can come from this trade.

  3. This was one of those trades that can go either way. Replacing Carroll for Banks is certainly an upgrade, but at what cost? 4 million for the next 4 years? I wouldn't go that far.